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Early Evangelical Revivals


in New South Wales and Queensland


Robert Evans

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Most of this material appeared first as part of a much larger book - Early Evangelical Revivals in Australia, which included information about all the States of Australia, except Western Australia. This material about events in New South Wales and Queensland has now been produced in a smaller book to make this history more easily known; and thus to encourage Christians in those States especially to pray for revival in their own churches, and through all our churches. These old accounts can encourage us today. Recently appointed Field Directors of the Australian Prayer Network are seeking to introduce as many Christians as possible to this renewed and urgently needed target and task. It is hoped that a great many Christians will join in deeply concerned intercessory prayer for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Australia - in explicit agreement together, though they may be widely scattered; unified in their commitment to this prayer. Extraordinary prayer for the revival of religion is needed, and for the advancement of Christ's Kingdom on earth - not just occasional prayer, or prayer for one matter of little importance on a long list. Extraordinary prayer is needed.

The author is a retired Uniting Church minister who has written extensively on the history of Australian and New Zealand evangelism and early revivals.