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Emilia Baeyertz Evangelist



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Emilia Baeyertz - Evangelist provides the first published historical analysis of her life, and an extensive compilation of newspaper reports about her missions throughout her whole career.

Mrs Emilia Baeyertz was born in 1842 into a devout, orthodox Jewish family in North Wales. After travelling to Australia she married a Christian man, gave birth to two children, became a widow, and was dramatically converted to Jesus Christ.

Over the next few years she slowly developed into a very effective evangelist, reaching in many parts of Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia, seeing many hundreds of conversions, and Christians revived and quickened, until the end of 1889. In that time she was a widely-known and very acceptable lady evangelist. After a year in New Zealand (1890) and more time in North America, she commenced the more mature part of her career in Great Britain, through the years from 1892 to 1904. She returned to Australia for about 20 months. Returning to England in 1906, she continued her preaching career through to the First World War. She died in London in 1926.

Robert Evans is a minister of the Uniting Church in Australia, retired after more than thirty years of Circuit and Parish work. He is currently President of the Uniting Church's Records and Historical Society in New South Wales. He has authored or co-authored several other books relating to evangelical revivals. These include "Early Evangelical Revivals in Australia", up to 1880, and "Evangelism and Revivals in Australia, 1880-1914 (First Volume)."

He is a graduate of the University of Sydney, having majored in philosophy and modern history. He also holds the Medal of the Order of Australia for contributions to science, particularly in astronomy.