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Early Revivals


1820 - 1890


Robert Evans

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Much of this material appeared first in several earlier publications by this author, the largest of these books being Early Evangelical Revivals in Australia (Dec. 2000), which included information about all the states of Australia except Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

The purpose of this publication was to fill in a hole in Australian historical literature about early Australian revivals, and to help overcome the abysmal ignorance which Australian evangelicals have regarding their heritage in the story of God's mighty Acts. Copies of this book are no longer available.

This material about Tasmania has been republished in a smaller volume to encourage Christians to pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit throughout all of the Australian churches, and for God to heal and purify Australian culture. Also, early in 2015, the Australian Prayer Network appointed Field Directors whose task it was to introduce as many Christians as possible to the need for Extraordinary, United and deeply concerned prayer for the revival of religion in Australia, with special reference to the teaching of Jonathan Edwards on these issues.

Occasional prayer is not enough, nor is it enough to pray for Revival as one small matter on a long list. The prayer needs to bear some relation to the importance and value of what is being asked for. The author is a retired Uniting Church minister who has written extensively on the history of Australian and New Zealand evangelism and early revivals.