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The Great Revival of the Eighteenth Century



Rev. Edwin Paxton Hood



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A popular account of the Evangelical Revival originally published as a series of papers in the Sunday at Home magazine as "Vignettes of the Great Revival of the eighteenth century."

This book concentrates on the Great Awakening as it swept over London and the great mining centres of England. In these places the truth proclaimed by its leaders - George Whitefield, the Wesleys and their co-labourers - won its greatest victories and Methodism has ever continued to render some of its most valiant and glorious services for Christ.

A brief chapter has been added in conclusion, sketching some phases of the revival in the American colonies, under the labours of Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, the Tennents and their associates.

If the history of the remarkable religious awakenings of the eighteenth century were more diligently studied, and the holy enthusiasm and wonderful zeal of those great leaders in hunting for souls were to inspire workers of this century, what marvellous conquests and victories should we witness for the Son God.