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Narratives of the Extraordinary Work of the Spirit of God, at Cambuslang, Kilsyth,



James Robe (and others)



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Scotland's 18th century revival will always be closely associated with Cambuslang and Kilsyth, two small parishes near Glasgow, where 'a spark of grace set the kingdom on a blaze.' In 1742 the heavens opened as God visited His people north of the border.

For 20 years revival had been spreading through various parts of the Western world, through the ministries of men like Jonathan Edwards in America and John Wesley in Britain. Rev. William McCulloch from Cambuslang had corresponded with Jonathan Edwards and began reading out accounts of the powerful movements of the Spirit occurring across the ocean and in February 1741 he began proclaiming the message of the 'new birth.' Soon the revival fires broke out.

As minister at Kilsyth, James Robe was discouraged on hearing news of the revival at Cambuslang, because his people were as spiritually dead as ever, despite his evangelistic messages. This drove him to earnest prayer and before long the fire broke out in his congregation. Men and women were suddenly awakened to their state before God. Distressed souls cried out to God publicly, and others came to Christ quietly.

Hundreds were added to the Scottish churches and by 1751 a third of the nation were communicants in the Scottish churches. This book tells how it all began.