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God's Guarantee to Prosper and Bless you Financially



A. A. Allen



Product Description:

In this popular book A. A. Allen demonstrates, from the Bible and through anecdotes, the truth that God is a great provider and that his children need never be in poverty. He was well known for His great faith in the realm of healing and deliverance and here applies the same dynamic principles to the subject of receiving material blessings from God.

Chapters include:
Send Now Prosperity
Poverty and Shame
God Promises You Prosperity
How You Can Have Faith To Decree It
How To End Your Money Troubles
Why Some Preachers Will Never Prosper
God Owns It All and Wants to Give You Your Portion
The Key to Prosperity is in Your Hand
How to Believe God When Being Tested and Tried
Have You Asked for Your Sickness
God's Life-Health-Protection and Prosperity Promise
A New Challenge
Send Now Prosperity