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How To Have Freedom


From Fear, Worry, And Your Case Of Nerves


A. A. Allen



Product Description:

Are you one of the hundreds of thousands who are distressed by "nerves?"

Do you suffer from such deep despondency that you fear you may sometime break under the strain and commit suicide?
Are you constantly suffering from anxiety?
Are you tormented by an unseen force, which makes you constantly afraid?

Are you obsessed with compulsive desires to do certain thing? Perhaps it may be a constantly growing, overwhelming compulsion to commit some evil act which you have never done, but which you realize you are going to do, unless this tension is relieved.

Are you self conscious, timid, always afraid to enter into the activities of those around you, because of a feeling of inferiority, or of not belonging?

Perhaps you have felt for years that you were struggling
alone, in darkness, and the more you try to overcome these things, the worse they become. You feel you have just about gone as far as you are going to be able to go.

Then this book is for you!