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The Life of Charles F. Parham



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Charles Fox Parham, well deserves the name 'Father of the Pentecostal Movement.' This is the best biography available.

This young itinerant evangelist, born on June 4, 1873 in Muscatine, Iowa, experienced a miraculous healing and began his evangelistic ministry in 1891.

His famous healing home was started in Topeka in 1898. It was here that the baptism in the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues was first experienced on January 1st 1901.

From then on Parham continued to see extraordinary visitations of power through his ministry, particularly at Galena, Texas in 1903, when the blind, lame, deaf and all manner of diseases were marvellously healed and great numbers saved.

Thereafter he began the Houston Bible School from where William J. Seymour graduated and later was instrumental in birthing the Azusa Street revival.

A great book about a truly apostolic pioneer.