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With Signs Following


The Story of the Latter--Day Pentecostal Revival




Product Description:

This book is the finest historical overview of the first few decades of the Pentecostal Movement that has ever been written. It includes personal stories, eye-witness reports and records of the signs, wonders and miracles which were the hall mark of what has now become the most powerful force in Christendom!

It is arguably the most exciting church history book that you will ever read which reflects the same ethos and passion as the church in the book of Acts!

Stanley Frodsham was a prolific writer, editor and teacher who ministered in the Pentecostal movement for over 60 years. Though born in England, for 30 years he was editor of the US Assemblies of God's Pentecostal Evangel.

He is mostly remembered for the 15 books he wrote, the best known being this history of the early Pentecostal movement.

'With Signs Following' is undoubtedly the most accurate, comprehensive and reliable history of the early Pentecostal movement that has ever been written.

This is great reading for those who want to learn about the origins of authentic Pentecostalism.