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The Word of God Coming Again


Return of Apostolic Faith and Works Now Due on the Earth


Kent White



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Dated 1919 and subtitled 'Return of Apostolic Faith and Works Now Due on the Earth,' this rare book was very influential in the formation of early British Pentecostalism.

Although his wife, Alma White, was the leader of the American 'Pillar of Fire' work and was very hostile to Pentecostals, Kent White, joined the Pentecostals and was baptized in the Holy Spirit on July 7th, 1910.

He joined the Apostolic Faith Church in Bournemouth, England and spent the next few years in Canada and the United States.

This book contains an interesting sketch of the life and ministry of Pastor William Oliver Hutchinson, the founder of the Apostolic Faith Church in Bournemouth.

This is followed by White's prophetic revelations regarding the Blood of Christ, the church of the last days and the 'latter rain' outpouring that was yet to come. This was one of the most formative works of the early Pentecostal era.