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The Awakening in Wales


And Some of its Hidden Springs


Jessie Penn-Lewis



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The name of Jessie Penn-Lewis often occurs in works related to the Welsh revival of 1904, not surprisingly, as she was a major chronicler of the movement.

She wrote an article each week in the "The Life of Faith," tracing the course of the spiritual movement first throughout Wales, and then through many lands and by many individuals.

She contributed to a number of periodicals and produced this history of the revival called "The Awakening in Wales - and Some of its Hidden Springs."

Later she became a close friend of Evan Roberts and took him into her Leicester home for convalescence after what appears to be exhaustion and a total breakdown, but he never fully recovered. During Roberts, two year stay with Mr and Mrs Penn-Lewis she declared some of phenomena of the Welsh Revival to be the work of Satan.

Then, with the co-operation of Evan Roberts, she argued her controversial position in her book on spiritual warfare called "War on the Saints," which describes the work of demons on Christians, the theme for which Penn-Lewis is most known.