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Rent Heavens - The Revival of 1904


Some of its Hidden Springs and Prominent Results


R. B. Jones



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"The Revival of 1904 - Some of its Hidden Springs and Prominent Results"

This book is a very popular and stirring account of the Welsh Revival that happened in Wales in 1904-5.

It was written by R. B. Jones, Principal of South Wales Bible Training Institute, Porth, Wales, where the book was first published in 1931.

His purpose was to urge believers to deepen their longing for another great visitation of God and to encourage revival prayer. Also he wanted to communicate facts regarding the origin of the Revival which had not been published, facts known to but a few.

He says, "The present time seems opportune for recalling the mighty days of a quarter of a century ago, for there are not lacking some slight signs of preparation for another visitation of a similar nature and of universal scope. The writer prays that his little effort may indicate more especially the conditions leading to Revival and also some of its lasting results."