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Holy Ghost Sermons


Compiled and Chronologically Arranged by Herself


Maria Woodworth-Etter



Product Description:

This book, first published in 1918 contains some great messages from 30 years of Pentecostal ministry.

Chapter I. The Spirit Reveals the Deep Things of God
Chapter II. Try the Spirits
Chapter III. The Unpardonable Sin
Chapter IV. Christ's Great Revival on the Plain
Chapter V. The Power of the Word When Demonstrated in the Spirit
Chapter VI. The Prayer of Faith Shall Save the Sick
Chapter VII. Signs and Wonders to Lead People to Christ
Chapter VIII. The Closing of the Gentile Age
Chapter IX. Will Ye Also Go Away?
Chapter X. The Great Revival in Jerusalem
Chapter XI. The Fire and Glory of God Filling the Temple
Chapter XII. The Former and the Latter Rain
Chapter XIII. The Blood and Fire Mark
Chapter XIV. The Seal of God on His People
Chapter XV. Some Shall Not Taste Death, the Rapture and Binding of Satan
Chapter XVI. The Resurrection of the Bodies of Many Saints
Chapter XVII. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb
Chapter XVIII. Christ and His Bride
Chapter XIX. Dancing in the Spirit is Victory for the Lord's Hosts
Chapter XX. Prepare for War, Preached Before the European War Commenced
Chapter XXI. Fear God and Give Glory to Him, for the Hour of His Judgement Has Come
Chapter XXII. Thou Shalt Die and Not Live